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Northwest Express Railroad supports the Chadwick Residence

Northwest Express Railroad is honored to support the Chadwick Residence, a place where formerly homeless women and children take their next steps toward independence. The Chadwick Residence provides one-on-one guidance, training, and opportunities for these women to take their lives in a different direction. Women are referred to Chadwick Residence through referrals form Central New York homeless shelters, social service agencies, churches, and schools. Once women become residents of Chadwick Residence they are encouraged to develop as individuals, mentally, physically and socially. They are assisted with identifying goals to develop a Service Plan where the focus is on developing independent living skills.

If you would like to join us in supporting these women who are turning their lives around to have a better future, please make a donation by clicking the PayPal link shown below. We are also accepting new wash cloths, new towels and new twin bed sheets at our mail location.

I want to help! Please click the link below to donate.

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