Our Policies

Returns and exchanges 

Do to the nature of our business, low shipping costs, and factory-direct prices, all sales are final. If you are unhappy with your purchase, at our discretion, we will repair or replace any furniture that has a defect in workmanship, or offer in-store credit.  Custom, clearance, and made-to-order items cannot be returned or exchanged unless structurally defective.  Orders cannot be cancelled for any reason once paid for. 

We do not mark up our shipping/handling costs for profit, so shipping and handling costs are not refundable.  If necessary, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for return shipping on any and all items, including those under warranty. 

Your undamaged returned/exchanged item may be subject to a restocking fee up to 30%.   

This is because we can no longer label or sell the item as new, and time and money are spent handling them.  ****Please see special note below regarding credit card charges/chargebacks. Please be sure of your purchase or your order BEFORE purchasing 

Quality and warranty 

We offer a 20 year limited warranty** on all of our furniture.   

Cracks (checking), bug/beetle trails, knots and variations in wood color only enhance a rustic furniture and chainsaw carvings look, and as such, do not qualify under our returns and exchanges policy, unless they affect the strength and/or integrity of the furniture and are still under warranty.   

Listed dimensions are approximate, and may sometimes vary due to the unique shapes and sizes of the natural materials we use. 

Time frames 

We offer an estimated (as in NOT GUARANTEED unless we specifically promise that prior to you placing and paying for your order) shipping time frame on all of our products at the time payment is received.  Generally, order production is complete within 4-8 weeks.  After order production is complete, please allow up to a week for shipping prep, and for the freight carriers to come pick up the shipments.  Freight companies do not operate on the same strict schedules that UPS, FedEx, and other parcel carriers do, and this is due to the fact that in general there are many large, heavy, and custom shaped freight pallets/shipments from various companies across the country (including our company) that take up more of their trailers space. That said, some items will ship quicker, while some can take longer.  This is custom furniture, and we want to ensure that all items are made to our quality standards.  We are also a small shop, so occasionally delays are caused by sick workers, etc. Please be patient with us.  Some examples of things that could affect time frames are: 

  • If a product doesn’t pass our quality control it will be remade which could result in shipping times that are longer than estimated.  We will not substitute a solid product by sending you a rushed item.   
  • Special sales may also extend time frames due to extra demand.   
  • Shipping demand-occasionally we have many orders to ship at once, which can result in extra ship prep time.  There are also times when the freight carries can’t get to our shop, or can’t take all the shipments/orders at once, due to lack of space in their trucks. 
  • Weather issues can delay orders as well,   
  • Large orders or orders containing custom items are often difficult to estimate, which may extend time frames. 

We do our best to meet or beat the time frames quoted while ensuring you will receive a product that you will love for the rest of your life.  We cannot guarantee transit times, as once your order leaves on the freight truck, freight companies will not guarantee delivery times. 


Payment in advance confirms your order.  Once full payment is received (or cleared in the case of a check), we will add your order to our production schedule and get the production process started! 

Payment is made online through our payment portal: 

If you are purchasing a specific in-stock item (such as a specific bear carving bench or character log bed you saw featured on Facebook), please let us know at the time of your order, and we will reserve that exact item for you once we receive full payment. 


Unless otherwise noted, product quotes and estimates (excluding sale or clearance prices) are good for (15) days.  Service and shipping quotes are good for (30) days. 


For more information about shipping and freight, please click here: Shipping info. 

Custom work or repair work 

 Shop time is generally billed at a minimum of $100/hour, and billed in full 1-hour increments, depending on the specific request.  Please contact us for specific quotes and/or details. 


**View/download a copy of our warranty here:  Northwest Railroad Warranty.  

Now for the unpleasant stuff.  Unfortunately, we’ve recently had to issue the following statement for the protection of our company and the vast majority of honest, well-informed, and appreciative customers: 

****Special note regarding credit card charges/chargebacksSince many of our products are build-to-order and/or are by nature (literally!) largely custom (each piece can have its own look or character), and due to the actions of a small handful unscrupulous and irresponsible customers, any unnecessary, retaliatory, or forced credit card chargebacks or refunds will result in immediate, non-refundable cancellation fee of at least 30%, (up to 50% on standard products, or 100% on custom products) of the total order, in addition to any extra shipping fees incurred.  If you initiate a fraudulent or frivolous chargeback against us, we will pursue any legal remedies necessary to recoup our investment of time, money, material, and reputation.   

This is intended to prevent forced refunds due to correctable misunderstandings, or the occasional “fly-by-night” customer.  We take customer satisfaction very seriously.  As a result, also take credit card chargebacks personally.  As a small company that takes our time to ensure a very high quality, rustic, American-hand-made product, flippant and irresponsible credit card chargebacks impact us directly.  And so we are fighting back against the current trend of some consumers to abuse their legitimate consumer rights by refusing to fulfill their assumed duties as a consumer.  Bottom line is:  we expect ourselves to meet and exceed your expectations, and in return we expect you to honor our process and policies, and to not try to take advantage of our good nature.  In an era of the big box store and buy now/ship now-by done websites, we refuse to treat you like that, or be treated like that.  Trust and patience are key in any strong relationship, including the merchant/consumer relationship.  We’re sure you agree, and appreciate your understanding.