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Who hasn’t watched in marvel as a train screamed by them on the tracks? There’s something undeniably romantic about sitting and watching the undisturbed countryside whiz by while looking out the window inside of a locomotive. The Northwest Express looks to bring some of that magic to your next event.

The Northwest Express is veteran owned and operated and with our electric, trackless train, we deliver an authentic locomotive experience. The Northwest Express has a working smokestack (non-toxic fog), whistle, bell, and audio system that can play your favorite tunes.

Your Train Ride Starts Here:

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Purchase your Train Depot ticket. Tickets can be purchased online or at the train station. If you purchased your ticket online, there is an option to download a PDF copy of your ticket.

Purchase your souvenirs. Before your train ride begins you may purchase our authentic train whistles to use during your train ride. Go to our Shop page for more details.

Take your keepsake picture. We offer Disney quality pictures of you at the train station as a keepsake and reminder of your train ride adventure.

Select your train car. Once you have purchased your souvenirs and pictures, it is time to get ready for the ride. Walk to the train and select the car for your ride.

Board the train. The train conductor will open the door for you to enter the train and your train ride adventure begins!

What people are saying

What a cool train! “The train was way better than we could have ever hoped! The kids loved it and we got some amazing photos!”

Jessica G.

Our train driver yesterday was great. He did a wonderful job and my grandson and granddaughter enjoyed our 1st ride at the Chandler Mall.

Jennifer J.

Gordon is so kind and good with kids! We also love the fun music!

Mandy S.

My child was being a little emotional and the conductor got out of and let us on the train. He was wonderful!

Kimberly S.

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